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Maximizing Your Pet’s Health with Routine Wellness Exams in Indianapolis, IN

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With routine wellness exams, dogs and cats have a chance to enjoy better health and a longer life. Here at our clinic in Indianapolis, we recommend semiannual pet wellness exams and annual bloodwork. We also provide other essential preventive services to screen for health issues and maintain your companion’s protection against infectious diseases. Our goal is to treat your pet as an individual, with unique health needs that require a personalized approach.

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What is Included with Wellness and Preventive Care?

Wellness and preventive care are comprised of various services and treatments. They generally include:

  • The nose-to-tail physical exam (including an oral exam)

  • Intestinal parasite screening to check for roundworms, hookworms, etc.

  • Routine bloodwork to screen for heartworm and assess the blood and major organs

  • The appropriate immunizations, based on individualized vaccine protocols

  • Providing heartworm, flea, and tick preventatives (also offered through our online pharmacy)

  • Deworming (typically provided for puppies and kittens to treat intestinal parasites)

Why We Recommend a Pet Wellness Exam Every 6 Months

Dogs and cats age quickly, but they might also harbor underlying illness before showing any outward clinical signs. Early detection is key to preventing serious illness or infection in your pet, and can even help to extend their life. With semiannual checkups, we can remain on top of their care, check for abnormal signs or behaviors, and keep your pet on a healthy trajectory for as long as possible. We also want to give you as many opportunities as you need to speak with your vet and address any questions or concerns you have.

Tailored Treatment for Dogs and Cats of All Ages

At Broad Ripple Animal Clinic, our doctors and staff provide tailored treatment plans for pets of every life stage. Puppies and kittens, adult pets, and senior pets all receive care that is customized to meet their age-related needs.

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