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About Our AAHA Accreditation

Our clinic became AAHA accredited in 1985, and we have maintained our accreditation status ever since. The American Animal Hospital Association distinguishes animal clinics that go above and beyond to meet over 900 standards of pet care and client care, and pass inspection every three years to ensure continued compliance.

Our doctors and team members are wholly dedicated to working together to practice veterinary medicine at the highest possible level, so you and your pet can benefit to the fullest extent.


What is the American Animal Hospital Association?

In 1933, a group of veterinarians created an organization that pushed animal clinics to achieve the highest possible standard of care. Underpinned by a belief in collaboration, integrity, and simplicity, AAHA became the one and only accrediting organization for veterinary practices in the US and Canada.

AAHA is stringent in its standards, with over 900 established to elevate the quality of pet care, client care, safety, and sanitation provided in animal clinics.

It is important to note that AAHA accreditation is a choice. Veterinarians and team members participate in the rigorous process of becoming accredited voluntarily, with the goal of giving their patients and clients the best care and experience.

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Why Being AAHA Accredited Matters for You and Your Pet

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Broad Ripple Animal Clinic is dedicated to providing progressive, full-service pet care of the highest quality, because you and your pet deserve our best effort to keep them healthy. In order to provide such elevated care, we decided back in 1985 to work towards becoming AAHA accredited. Since then, we have continued to pass inspections to maintain our accreditation and likewise maintain our exceptional standard of medicine for you and your pet.

Every area of our practice complies with AAHA’s high standards. Anesthesia, surgery, dentistry, sanitation, infectious disease control, customer service, and many other facets of our clinic are designed for your pet’s benefit, and yours.

We hope to continue to exceed your expectations with the care we provide, and be here for you and your pet at every turn.

For more information about AAHA, click here. If you have any questions for us, call (317) 257-5334!