Fleas, ticks, and heartworms

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cat in window

Fleas, ticks, and heartworms – nobody wants them, but is the product you are using protecting your pet as well as you think? When it comes to preventions, it depends on your region as to what risk factors your pet is exposed to. In Indianapolis, our pets are absolutely exposed to fleas and heartworm disease, as they are both very prevalent in our area. Unfortunately, ticks are now becoming more wide spread and pet owners need to be aware of the new risks they bring including lyme disease, ehrlichia, and anaplasma. Not all prevention products protect against the same things. At Broad Ripple Animal Clinic we carry three types of products that have been carefully selected. Revolution is a topical product that is applied every 30 days and will protect your dog (or cat) against fleas and heartworm disease. This is chosen for patients who do not have risk of tick exposure as it does not have strong protective properties regarding ticks. Revolution is the most common product we will use for our cat patients. The other two products available are Sentinel and Simparica. These are two separate products that are given by mouth every 30 days and when combined have a larger spectrum of protection including fleas, 5 types of ticks, and heartworm disease. Choosing which prevention to use is a risk assessment conversation that you should have with your veterinarian. Environments and climates are ever changing and our preventions will continue to change with them.